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Velaqua Replacement Filters: The Health Wonders of Drinking Alkaline Water


Alkaline water has a higher pH level that is why it is less acidic than tap water because of its lower hydrogen ions concentration levels. All liquids have a pH level of measure of acidity or alkalinity as determined by the pH scale expressed on a 0 to 14 scale. Anything under 7 is acidic like black coffee, vinegar, and orange juice, and 7 is neutral,  while 7 and above is alkaline like baking soda. Alkaline water may come in various sources such as faucet attachments, additives to increase pH water levels, and special filters like Velaqua Replacement Filters.


According to one study, drinking alkaline water can help in soothing acid reflux, killing pepsin which is an enzyme involved in the breakdown of food proteins and the main cause of acid reflux. Alkaline water also helps in increasing the levels of oxygen in the bloodstream by neutralizing its acid. It also improves metabolism and increases energy levels. Alkaline water also has antioxidant properties that help maintain a youthful glow. Alkaline water rejuvenates the skin, cleanses your colon, and lubricates the joints and muscles of the body. It also lowers body fatigue, body fat, improves immune defenses, strengthens bones, and achieve good health. Know the Benefits of drinking Alkaline water here!


Take your first glass of alkaline water right from getting out of bed because this is when the time that your stomach is empty, thus absorbing the water best into your system. Then you must continue drinking alkaline water throughout the day. The organic coconut filter carbon purifies the water before reaching the Velaqua storage tank, infused with colloidal silver for the final purification process. Purchase the Velaqua booster kit here!


Alkaline can be achieved through the revolutionary Velaqua alkaline water filtration system, simulating the geology of aquifers and wondrous springs. With the use of materials purely from nature, it has created a water system for purification, alkalinization, and energizing of your drinking water without using any chemicals or electricity. The ceramic filter helps in trapping contaminants, preventing spores and bacteria from entering the body. Velaqua water filtration system only uses the gravity of nature to filter your drinking water which is safe and environmentally friendly. For more details about Velaqua replacement filters and booster kit, feel free to check their website or homepage. Water is life, and so we make sure your drinking water is clean, safe, and healthy! Let Velaqua answer all of your drinking water problems with its great water filters! To get more ideas on where to find the best water filters, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2016/01/21/health/lead-testing-home-drinking-water/.